Women of substance - eeleanor
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Women of substance

Let us raise our sons to worship women of all ages, class and sects. Let them know about the divinity inside each of them. Men need to awaken to this reality that women are their source, they are the crux of life as we know it. Once men begin to realise this, they shall forever stay

You see her,

each day,

Lost in her own world,

Of dreams and thoughts.

We all know what she has accomplished,

But no one cares what she has lost.

She is scarlet like fire,

Aqua like snow breeze,

She swifts between realms,

With such an unnatural ease,

There is so much to unravel,

But just one thing that you see,

SHE is all things beauty

And beauty is all things SHE.

Women are the genesis of life on this planet. They are the creator and the nurturer of life in all its forms. The sanctity of female energy is not  yet properly understood by our world. They are not equal to men, there is no question about it because they are far more superior. Women carry God’s own divine touch upon themselves as they have the magical power to create life and that a bigger power than all super powers combined.

Each woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, is special, substantial and consequential in their own respective and beautiful ways. We often hear a lot of blabber in our societies that economic emancipation is the key for a woman to be treated equally and with respect in this cruel world that venerates patriarchy. I feel such claims should be refuted completely. If an ideology is redundant it should not be anchored to contrived claims. For women to be treated with respect and dignity, there should not be any pre requisite. Being economically independent should be a matter of choice and not a cause for duress. We see mothers tutoring their daughters, that the only reason for them to obtain good education is for them to be able to earn so that they do not face any troubles after their marriage. We know that the intention behind this is pure but what a sad state of affairs have we descended down upon. We have hinged the cardinal principles of life to money and have so deeply imbibed it inside our children’s minds that they have been conditioned to think like this. Capabilities of a woman are no criteria that decide and dictate her place in the society. Empowerment in its most literal sense, simply means that there rests a knowledge in each girl’s heart that she is no less than anybody else and if someone tries to make her feel otherwise, he or she is wrong.rooted to their source and all ego and unsubstantiated exuberance that engulfs our world right now might just vanish.

Paying reverence to the females in one’s family should be the first thing that is taught to the children. The power of a female’s blessings is immense and the immensity is enough to shelter the entire home against any kind of negativity. A fulfilled and respected woman attracts fulfilment and respect for everybody around her.

Each woman, is a woman of substance and there is no doubt or question about that.

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