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“Travel does to the body,
What silence does to the soul”
Travel can be and is equated to modern day meditation as it gives the traveller a chance to come face to face with his inner self. Now this comparison might seem figurative in nature but the relevance of it is so true. We live in crazy times and over the years we have become used to the topsy turviness of everything around us, so much so that we do not see the kind of a pickle we are in.Our lives have turned into a glorious chaos and we do not even realise that until it manifests itself in the form of anxiety or some psychosomatic illness. There has been a surge in the number of retreats and yogic escapes all over the world and people are rushing to experience some form of rejuvenation all the time. Everyone is trying to get off the hook.

The main purpose of travelling is to leave your comfort zone and see the world in all its magnanimity and grandeur. The idea is to push your boundaries and to realise how small a speck we are in this whole wide world. Travelling gives you a sense of vulnerability which makes you more receptive to the changes you might experience while you travel. This vulnerability helps you see things through a different perspective. You become able to imbibe in your system whatever you deem fit. An experience of cultures, cuisines, terrains, climates of different places broadens your horizon to think and synthesis various situations in life.Travel for me is a synonym for quest. It is a quest for something new, something exciting, something stimulating to the senses.
Maslow had identified 5 cardinal needs for a person which he identified as, physiological needs, safety needs, a sense of belongingness, self esteem and self actualisation.But another need that I feel is even more paramount is self discovery. One cannot discover their true self until they push themselves out of their cocoons and see the world as it is, which is unpredictable and mysterious.

Travel is the highest form of expression that gifts the traveller a chance at self discovery. We are all rushing against the clock, there is so much that is being done and there will always be so much that shall need doing too. Travelling allows you to create your own little space of nothingness that can be interpreted in any way. You can personify that time for creation, meditation, exploration or just simply silence.
We are really fortunate to be alive in this day and age where it is so easy and convenient to travel. The world has literally condensed into a little click of a button. You see, that is all it takes for you to pick and choose a destination of your choice. Back in the day, people were not endowed with such means but despite of all those hindrances people chose to go on a pilgrimage or “teerth” after a certain age. Our scriptures have also elucidated on the importance of travel and we find references to this context in Indian Vedas too.
I feel travelling is all about broadening of one’s perspectives and perspectives are what define and shape our lives.

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