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The Wine Account



After a cut throat day, ambrosial wine must for some. We all have heard the blessing of eating other healthy foods like salad, milk, juice, boiled vegetables but you’ll be bewildered to know the blessings of drinking wine.

Father of western medicine in Georgia used red wine as medicine in 6000 BC.

So let’s see how red wine helps.

  1. Minimize the risk of stroke– It acts as blood thinner and prevent clotting, which ultimately lowers down the chance of stroke.
  1. Improved cognition– Drinking a single glass of wine improves thinking process and helps brain to be active. It improves short term memory as well.
  1. It has anti-oxidants-Wine is the answer for the harmful or toxic cells or particles present in your body as it attacks on them and throw out of our body.
  1. Flourishing skin– A glass of wine promotes healthy skin. It directly attacks on skin cells and kills the harmful elements present in the skin that makes your skin dull.
  1. Increases bone density– Our bones become brittle as our age increases. It increases the level of calcium in our body and reduces the chances osteoporosis.
  1. Controls blood pressure– Intake of wine controls high blood pressure and reduces the risk of cholesterol. Magnesium content present in the wine helps to regulate blood pressure.

There is something miraculous inside a glass of wine. So, open your wine account today.


Cheers for your health!

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