Is that how you have been sautéing ?  - eeleanor
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Is that how you have been sautéing ? 

Hows it going guys!!

I am Subith Dey aka Scooby working as a chef in Darwin, Australia. My interest for hospitality started during my High School (Army School) years which was given impetus by my family which was ever so welcoming to everybody. In a bunch of intelligent science stream students in my school , i was the odd one out as I dearly loved to cook. I have been a part of this industry since 2011, right after my High School graduation. 


Is that how you have been sautéing ? 

Sautés (pronounced “saw-TAY”) – jumping in reference to tossing in pan in French 


There is a deep relationship between a cook and her / his pan when it comes to cooking especially sautéing. This can either result in an unpalatable 50 shades of grey gooey mess or some perfectly crunchy  palatable savouries.

Its important to heat an appropriate sauté pan over high flame makeing sure to select a size so as not to over crowd the ingredients.

( recommend a single layer only).

You can easily check the temperature using the water test by sprinkling a few drops of  water to the pan which will quickly sizzle off and evaporate like water bubbles dancing on the pan. Once the pan is hot add a little oil, its very important to use high smoking point cooking oil such as canola oil, rice bran oil , peanut oil ,or grapeseed oil.

Add the ingredients and with your left hand on the pan handle, saute the ingredients by pushing forward and pulling back in a circular motion.



Practice with couple of empty match boxes in cold pan.


  • Use high smoke point oil like canola,  rice bran oil , peanut oil , grapeseed oil.
  • Do set a timer.
  • Do flip the contents of the pan.
  • If using butter, use unsalted butter.
  • Have fun and be creative with your dish.
  • Keep the size of the veggies or anything else manageable and not too large or small.



  • Use low smoke point oil like extra virgin olive oil.
  • Do not leave the pan unattended while sautéing
  • Don’t use too much oil.
  • Do not let a child come too close to the pan
  • Don’t overcrowd the pan.
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