Acid Attack-A permanent scar - eeleanor
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Acid Attack-A permanent scar

We live in a patriarchy. It is not an observation but a fact. No matter, how much we try to camouflage this reality with any amount of rhetoric, the facts remain the same. Over the years, women have become conditioned to accept the society in a certain stride. What should ideally be regarded as redundant and absurd has been imbibed into our hearts and minds as culture. No matter how nasty it sounds, it is the truth. Daughters are raised to have a certain coy demeanour, wives and mothers are supposed to be nothing more than sacrificial lambs. These are regarded as virtues in our society.

Though the situation is scary but it is still not helpless. The onset for a change has already been set in motion. We see women voicing out their opinions, unapologetically and unabashedly. There is a wave of fearlessness that has set in. But this change has come with a price. Women have paid with their blood, sweat and tears to shift the paradigm.

An atrocity, that we witnessed a few years ago, shook the entire nation. The gruesome crime had malice smeared all over it. In 2005, the nation came face to face with a 15 year old girl named Laxmi who had acid thrown over her face by two men. The mere audacity of a man to indulge in such a grisly crime was a slap on the face of our society. A young girl was put through such a hell just because she did not reciprocate to the advances made towards her by some man. I don’t know what could define horror better than this.

But women are made from the ash that nurtures a phoenix. They are made to ricochet and so did Laxmi. The boundless source of strength, that rests in every woman came to fore and she was able to resurrect from the testing times. This girl has been a precedent for all the women and men out there, who anchor their lives to trivial goals and aspirations. Life can take any turn at any time and amidst this labyrinth lays the crux of one’s life.

Indians have since antiquity had an obsession with fair skin. Beauty has always been equated with fairness. This concept is not just absurd but also ridiculous and untrue. Beauty is in its most literal sense, the value, one can add to the lives of the people around them. Beauty is how you make others feel. It is not just skin deep. Beauty is what penetrates the soul.

Recently we saw, one of the most successful Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone, unveil the look of her maiden movie as a producer, called chapaak. The movie is based on Laxmi’s life. Laxmi, is an extra ordinary girl, who has managed to add so much value to so many lives. Her beauty penetrates the being. She is an inspiration in the most literal sense. It is her inner beauty that has resonated with so many people all over the world. She had to take the mantle, to moot an underlying realisation within all of us that we are all beautiful and inspirational in our own unique ways. The cardinal rule of being a human is to uplift others. It is beastly and animal like to put someone down or break their strength. These are not vices but animal traits.

Women need to awaken to their seamless power and bolster the concept of humanity in this world, a concept which has started to fade away. If women are fulfilled, their families are fulfilled and when the families are fulfilled, the society becomes a happier place. This makes the world a better place to live in.

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