Mother: a perfect epitome of sacrifice. - eeleanor
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Mother: a perfect epitome of sacrifice.

Mother: a perfect epitome of sacrifice
Life is an awesome journey filled with affection, care, trust, and support. Right from birth, from the first tears, the first ever cry till the present ones have been very caringly wiped out by our mothers. Mother, a person who can fight with the entire world for you, a person who would support you in every test that life puts forward. A person who sacrifices her own way of living and many times her own wishes and dreams in an effort to bring a smile on our faces. Just as the sepals protect the developing bud, the clouds protect the raindrops, mothers protect us from every evil sorrow, pain, and suffering of this world. They are the guardian angels who shower happiness, love, and determination upon us. A bright and beautiful flower derives its beauty and exists in this world because of its connection with the roots, that labors in providing all essentialities to the flower… In a similar way whatever we are in life, whatever else we would ever be, it’s because we are constantly supported by our mothers. It is said that when a child is born, his life is just like a lump of clay which can be molded into any shape, it’s a mother, her teachings, her ideologies that determine the character of the child, it’s up to her whether she would mold a beautiful pot or a waste lump.
Imagine those typical nine months, that immense pain of parturition, the sufferings and the pain a mother undergo to bring her child into this beautiful world. Mothers are the perfect epitome of sacrifice, selflessness, and extreme affection. They forget their own selves for our success.
Life is a journey that comes without a map but with the help of a perfect guide, we reach our destination quite effortlessly. Mothers are those perfectly trained guide who knows the right paths to our goals, our dreams.
In today’s world, we often hear stories of sons thrashing their mothers, kicking them out of their own homes and sending them to old age homes or simply abandoning them under the open sky. We often harm the roots of our existence, the fragrance of our beauty, the cause of our happiness… So today, let’s take a step to cherish those thousand sacrifices shed behind our single smile. For all those dreams that remained unleashed for the sake of our beautiful life…Let us pay back a tribute to those magnificent angels of our life and make them realize how special they are for us.
  • Jaya Singh
    Posted at 03:01h, 13 May Reply

    Since God cannot be present everywhere He made “Mothers”!!!!
    Very well written and expressed!! Mothers truly are the most special.

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 06:08h, 02 July Reply

      Truly said Jaya.

  • Subrata Dey
    Posted at 09:40h, 13 May Reply

    Very bful article…. quite touching

  • Preksha Thapa
    Posted at 18:11h, 13 May Reply

    Indeed, mother’s love is unconditional. We cannot pay back completely for what she has done to her child.

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 06:09h, 02 July Reply

      Hi Preksha. Than you for dropping a comment. Hope to have the same love for us.

  • Montee
    Posted at 11:13h, 14 May Reply

    The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness

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