Crispy skin wild caught Northern Territory Barramundi with sautéed veggies with the lemon infused oil. - eeleanor
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Crispy skin wild caught Northern Territory Barramundi with sautéed veggies with the lemon infused oil.

By Chef Subith (a.k.a Scooby)

Prep: 10 Mins
Cook: 20 Mins
Level – Easy
Serves- 2

Ingredients –

● 2 x 270 g Barramundi fillet with skin

For lemon infused Riesling wine olive oil
● 1 tsp lemon zest
● Juice of 1 lemon
● Pinch paprika
● Seasoning ( salt pepper)
● 200 ml extra virgin olive oil

Blend all together slowly dropping lemon juice and Riesling white wine.

For Sautéed veggies use
● 4 pcs Asparagus
● 2 Brussels sprouts
● 2 Dutch carrots
● 1 Pak Choy
● 2 Cherry tomatoes
● 2 Broccoli

For pistachio butter paste
● 50 g Light roasted pistachio roughly chopped
● 25 g unsalted butter

Mix together to make a paste.

For Garnish
● Radish – fine slices ( use mandoline or show your skill with a knife )
● Lemon 1 wedge & slice

For blanching of vegetables
Vegetable stock or water.

Things you need
● Mandolin (for fine slice radish)
● Mist spray bottle ( infused oil)
● Thick bottom sauté pan ( for sauteeing veggies)
● Oven
● Flat Grill/char grill ( optional)
● Flat spatula ( handling delicate fish)
● Tong ( handling hot tray)
● Tea towel
● Salamander (for crispy skin)
● probe ( checking fish cooked properly)
● Zester for lemon zest.
● Pot ( for blanching)
● Brush

1. Heat oven to 180/C before you start cooking for 15 – 20 min.
2. Wash all the vegetables in cold running water very generously specially pak-choy.
3. Season Barramundi and spray some oil on the flat grill with the skin side facing down and then after 2 minutes flip very gently on the other side with a spatula.
4. Place the fish on a baking paper of the roasting tray with skin side up. Let it sit there for 8 – 10 min until cooked.
5. Takeout the fish from the oven when cooked, if unsure use probe to check the internal temperature of the fish ( 63 C). With practice, you will know when it is flaky and opaque. Then place under the salamander for perfectly crispy skin.
6. Meanwhile, blanch the vegetables in vegetable stock/ hot water for 1 min. Saute the vegetables with butter on the pan and after that at the end when the fan is a very hot, place sliced half Brussels sprouts with the flat side down and Lemon and take out once it’s bit dark (caramelize). Slice radish with mandolin and put in chilled ice water to keep it fresh.
7. Place the Broccoli and pak-choy first followed by fish and rest as per the presentation is shown in the picture. And brush pistachio butter on sides.
8. And lastly, spray some lemon infused oil from 20 cm above the plate for bringing aroma and flavor to the plate.

Background Information
Barramundi or Barra or Asian sea bass are the various names of the Barramundi in Australia or in Asian countries. It is an aboriginal term meaning “ large-scaled river fish”. It is known for its firm, mild-flavored buttery taste. It is high in “Omega – 3 Fatty acid which is good for eyes, heart and brain.

Do you know??
● Australian consume 24 kg of seafood per person per year. So their love for Barramundi never ends.
● The walls and ceilings of the cave have some aboriginal art date back to 35,000 years who had painted Barramundi. These indigenous artists have also mentioned about various marine creatures prepared and eaten through their art.

Bonus tips, tricks and more.
1. Fresh Barra will have bright bulging eyes, shiny scales, and bright red scale.
2. Fish are very delicate items so handle with care. Use a spatula when you need to transfer the cooked fish to a plate.
3. Whereas stale Barra will have dull boring eyes as if the fish got presbyopia (retired eyes).
4. If buying fresh, don’t store just cook asap.
5. In case you want to store it, wrapped in a paper towel and place it on a tray at the bottom of the refrigerator so to avoid dripping.
6. Don’t spoil the crispiness of the skin by putting something on the top.
7. Use only fresh Barra if possible.
8. Precaution must be taken when using mandolin as sharp blades may slice your fingers badly.
9. Fishes are very delicate so it is advised to handle them very gently like a baby. Use a flat spatula to lift fish.
10. Recommended white wine pairing Riesling and Sauvignon blanch as they are rich in aroma with fruity and high in acidic nature. Or light bodied Red wine Pinot Noir.
11. Don’t check cooking by poking the fish with a probe from the middle as it may look less appealing and may lose moisture content instead use on the side away from the presentation side.

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