“She will be more than our daughter -in-law, she will be our daughter” – An Irony - eeleanor
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“She will be more than our daughter -in-law, she will be our daughter” – An Irony

“She will be more than our daughter-in-law, she will be our daughter” – An Irony

“Hum toh ise beti bna ke rakhenge”

What does this mean?

Would a daughter-in-law be asked what she wants to eat? Will her tea be served in bed? Only a mother does this. Will the girl be treated like this in her husband’s house?
It’s a big ‘NO’.

There’s a reason why women are often advised, at an early age, to adjust, learn to cook and give in demands of their in-laws. It’s because this is what they will have to face later.

True that Indian Supreme court has taken steps in support of daughters-in-law but do we see it in practical application? Certainly not! India is a really tough country for daughters-in-law.
Yes, it happens in today’s modern society that daughters-in-law face such difficulties.

There are some social ills that are mainly responsible for daughters-in-law to be in trouble every now and then:-

1. It is quite obvious that a girl will take time to adjust to a new home. It may take a few months or years but our Indian society expects her to adjust within a few days. This often leads to anxiety or depression in women.

2. Now comes the main social evil: ‘Dowry system’. In modern Indian society, daughters-in-law are always obliged with money and property, which sometimes brings fatal consequences.

3. Parents-in-law, often practice ‘Blood is thick than water’ concept. In other terms, I say they always prefer their own son and daughter. As a result, a bride has to face comparisons between her and her sister-in-law.

4. The ‘Obvious’ word. Many husbands don’t interfere in their matters. 50% of the husbands understand the complications and manage, but what about the other 50% of husbands and the girls married to them? Many of them don’t understand the emotional and social perspectives and complications their wives have to go through.

These factors create turbulence between a daughter-in-law and her new family. Sad but true! It’s time to take active steps, on governmental as well as on  personal level, to change this sad reality.

  • Vijayaswathi
    Posted at 06:54h, 15 May Reply

    So true..

  • Subrata
    Posted at 08:21h, 17 May Reply

    Bfully written

  • Shivali Mehta
    Posted at 04:46h, 01 July Reply

    Reality of Society

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