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Freedom to Love

Ace sprinter Dutee Chand reveals she is in a same-sex relationship with ‘soulmate’

Champion sprinter Dutee Chand on Sunday became the first Indian athlete to come out and revealed that she is in a relationship with a girl from her hometown Chaka Gopalpur in Orissa.

Though she refused to disclose the identity of the person as she did not want to make her “the center of undue attention”.

“I have found someone who is my soulmate. I believe everyone should have the freedom to be with whoever they decide they want to be with. I have always supported the rights of those who want to be in a same-sex relationship. It is an individual person’s choice. Currently, my focus is on the World Championships and the Olympic Games but in the future, I would like to settle down with her,” Dutee told The Sunday Express.

“I have always believed that everyone should have the freedom to love. There is no greater emotion than love and it should not be denied. The Supreme Court of India has also struck down the old law. I believe nobody has the right to judge me as an athlete because of my decision to be with who I want. It is a personal decision, which should be respected. I will continue to strive to win medals for India at international meets,” Dutee said.

She is going to start her training for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

“I wanted to be with someone who will encourage me to continue being a sportsperson. I have been a sprinter for the past 10 years and I will perhaps continue to run for the next five to seven years. I travel around the world to compete. It is not easy. Mujhe Kisi ka Sahara bhi chahiye (I need someone who will support me on the personal front),” she said.

Some of you must be thinking that soulmate should be or must be of the opposite sex only. But that’s not true at all. 
Finding your true soulmate is a blessing.

But yes now the question arises “What will society say?”
Most of our girl’s section faces this issue “LOG KYA KAHENGE?”

This is the time to support her, who has earned golden stars for INDIA.

Do you support her relationship?


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  • Anita Sharma
    Posted at 14:35h, 20 May Reply

    Yes, definitely!!

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 06:05h, 02 July Reply

      Thank You for your opinion Anita. Stay tunes to our website for more articles like this.

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