It’s our choice guys!! - eeleanor
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It’s our choice guys!!

Oh Yes! We girls wear makeup and dress up for ourselves, not for men. Many men think that women wear sexy dresses and wear beautiful makeup to attract men, but trust me it’s not like this.

We dress up according to our mood, our waxing our mensuration cycle. We women don’t need any to impress anyone. It’s all about being beautiful and looking beautiful. It’s not our fault that you men cannot control your erection seeing a beautiful girl.

A gorgeous woman walks in a party wearing the beautiful off-shoulder gown, appealing makeup, beautifully blended eye shadow, with red carpet lips and added to this a pair of high heels. She looks luscious.

What’s the first thing that comes to men’s minds?

They’ll probably think: damn, she’s hot.

Let me clear your misconception guys, she does not spend an hour perfecting herself to attract you. She didn’t get dolled up to impress you. In fact, dressing up for ourselves gives us self -satisfaction.

Wearing makeup is nobody’s choice, it’s our choice. We don’t want to achieve any certain state of attractiveness. We feel good when we blend our foundation, do our hair, sit in front of the mirror every morning.

A lot of heterosexual men get very angry when women don’t look the way they think women “should” look. But guess what? “Should” is not a thing. Women’s bodies are none of your business. Women’s body hair is none of your business. What women weigh is none of your business. What women wear is none of your business.

It’s a way of expressing ourselves, boosting our confidence, this makes us feel fabulous. And when a woman feels and looks beautiful, she can work wonders.

It makes us feel fucking great, and it has absolutely nothing to do with impressing men.

So if some of you still think that women wear makeup only to impress men, trust me — we don’t.

  • Jyoti George
    Posted at 11:22h, 20 May Reply

    Yes, we are the new generation of liberated women. Kudos to us….

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 06:04h, 02 July Reply

      Kudos to all the women.

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