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A bitter silence

A bitter silence

When she was nine, Olivia was sent to a Christian school run by the Sisters of Saint Peter and their parish priest, Father Alex. The nuns were very strict and used to punish Olivia often. Olivia often had cut marks on her body. Her parents have an abusive relationship, so they sent Olivia in boarding school.

Kids are kids, they will play, they’ll break things also. Little Olivia was playing with her friends, suddenly she slipped and hit a window pane by mistake. As I told you the nuns were cruel, they beat her and gave harsh punishment to her. After the school premises, the nun took Olivia to Father Alex and complained about her mischievous behavior.

Olivia was alone in the confession box with Father Alex. There, in name of punishment, he opened his pants and asked Olivia to touch his private part. He told her that this was the demand of God.

By That time Father Alex had become fond of Olivia’s touch. After that Olivia was sexually abused by Alex almost daily. Later she came to know that there were few other girls from her class who were sexually exploited by Father Peter. They were forced to perform oral sex on him.

Once she came out of the confession box bleeding between her legs. By that time Peter had crossed his limits. He inserted his penis inside Olivia and shut her mouth with one hand so that no one can listen to her cry. Then he asked her to go out of the room and threatened her not to tell this to anyone, otherwise God will punish her and devils will come.

Olivia in the pain and bleeding situation came out of the room. The nuns saw her asked her to change her clothes and clean them soon.

Olivia got depressed and was afraid of the school. She could not share this with anyone because she knew that no one is going to trust her. Every day she tried to be a good girl so that the same pathetic thing doesn’t happen with her in the name of punishment. But till that time Father Peter had become addicted to this. He always took advantage of the situation.

This continued till for 6-7 years. By that time, Olivia lost her senses and used to be depressed all the time.

Look at the time span…..I am getting goosebumps now.

He raped her in the school building and put his full hand in her vagina. She squealed in the pain but there was no one to save her.

When Olivia turned 17, she became pregnant. Imagine a young innocent girl who knew nothing about pregnancy carrying a new life inside her. How did she feel?

And this pregnancy opened the Father’s secret in front of the police. Olivia narrated the whole story that happened with her and how Father Peter sexually assaulted her and other girls.

Olivia aborted his child as she was physically and mentally unhealthy.

Father Peter is under life imprisonment.

Olivia took four long years of counseling to come out of the depression.

Now, she is 25 and happily married to a young engineer. But her past always follows her. Moreover, she has become overprotected for her daughter. She maintains a healthy relationship with her husband and daughter which her own parents never had.

Especially for parents

The signs of abuse are not always easy to recognize without hindsight; however, step in and talk to your child if you notice any emotional or behavioral changes, such as increased anxietywithdrawalisolating rebellion, or angry outbursts. It’s important to explore any signs of physical abuse, including bruises, rashes, or swelling. Pay attention to physical problems, such as urinary tract infections, or frequent complaints of things like headaches or stomachaches that aren’t medically explained. Understand it’s normal for children to be inquisitive and exploratory regarding gender and sexuality, but watch out for any sexual behavior, language, or curiosity that does not seem age-appropriate.










  • Sourav
    Posted at 11:43h, 23 May Reply

    Great Info..keep posting like this 🙂

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 06:04h, 02 July Reply

      Sure, we have some more stories like this on our website. You can read them.

  • Dr Bornali Yadav
    Posted at 19:35h, 24 May Reply

    Superb..Keep it up Girl !!!

    Parenting is a very important skill which all parents should learn..
    Because of the dynamic lifestyle n technological advancement parents are so busy that sometimes they do not make out proper time and attention for their children..
    Which may resulting into sexual abuse, internet addiction or substance abuse..
    Symptoms of stress and depression are also growing issues among children these days..
    Parents are advised to maintain a friendly relationship with there children.. give them at least half an hour a day..
    And become a patient listener..

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 06:03h, 02 July Reply

      glad you liked the story. Our motto is to spread awareness regarding sexual abuse, be the girl of any age. This has to be stopped by sharing as much as we can.

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