I want a curvy wife. - eeleanor
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I want a curvy wife.

“I love you & your curvy body,” he said. “You have a perfect figure “he added.

Yes, it was true. Many boys were attracted to me because of my charm and my physic. Secretly every girl wants the same. No doubt your physical fitness matters a lot to keep you charming and beautiful. But woman’s body is very complex, we bleed, we reproduce and you boys don’t.

A girl always wants a man in her life which accepts her as she is at heart not body but a boy always wants a mixture of beauty and appealing body.
Now, I am a married woman and married woman always has complexities in her body. One of the complexities is “Weight”. These complexities happen because of several reasons, hormonal imbalance, we leave our house, our parents which increases the stress that is one of the reasons to gain weight, we keep our family responsibilities on priorities and try to become an ideal family member.

But trust me, ladies, these things won’t be counted in as your efforts because according to husbands we wives are born and brought up with such powers. They don’t even realize how our parents have groomed us.

Why men always expect their wives to be the same for the whole of their lives when they themselves can’t remain the same? Why do they think that it’s very easy to meet the needs of the family? Why don’t they see the hard work we wives are putting? Though the men are bread earner for a family what if the lady of the house is not allowed to have a piece of bread in order to maintain her weight?

Men have the habit to notice all actions because they think they are feeding you and think that wives stay at home relaxing all the time. They blame wives for wrong things but, if by chance wives point out something in them ….Oh! you hurt their so-called ‘EGO’.

Can anyone give me the answers to any of the questions?

Husbands say they accept you as you are but trust me they don’t. They expect to maintain the same figure as you were before marriage.

Now, the sarcasm is that they think that we wives don’t know that what they are thinking and they don’t know that we wives know what actually they are thinking.. Confusing????

Husbands will tokofy you when you are no more attractive to them and they really want a beautiful woman to sleep with which their fat wives are not. Now they will start dominating you when they themselves are incapable of doing something or achieving. Your efforts which were efforts just after your marriage will become useless for them. Your body which actually was very perfect for them will suddenly become unattractive to them and the icing on the cake is that suddenly your conversations or talk will become a time wastage for them…

Now, the names of the ladies which they never remembered will suddenly come on their lips for “COMPARISION”…Hurtful na???? I know. I am also married so able to understand.

Many men are not handsome …still married. What if their wives start comparing them with other dashing men? This will be never acceptable to men. This thing wives don’t do and they won’t because they have the capability to accept their husbands as they are.

Instead of putting a lot of effort, when you are blamed by your husband that you are good for nothing, you don’t do anything special…..blablabla….How does a lady feel? How she should feel? Depressing and demotivating??? Yes, we do feel the same. And if a lady is emotionally sensitive, this is drama for them.

How do you feel if your husband calls you unlucky? How do you feel if your husband calls you a demotivating factor in his life? How do you feel if your husband calls you a bad choice?
I am sure you all will feel bad.

I don’t have answers to these question but yes I am pretty sure that this will definitely separate a husband with his better half emotionally.

She leaves her house for you, she gives up her career because of your family, she leaves her dreams to become an ideal wife, she gives you everything and in return, the husband claims to give her food, clothes, and shelter. Are these enough for her?
Where the hell are your “Kasme vaade” ?

Better you decide your own answer.

A lady needs respect, trust, time and love.
Weight is just a small issue in a relationship but it can cause real big problems if you create its issue. If it is a big issue for you, so all the husbands are requested to keep at least 4-5 servants for house chores, send your kids to a boarding school and let your wives enjoy each and every day.

Dear husbands, it really hurts….it actually really hurts.
It’s simple if you just can’t love her at least respect her.

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