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Is marriage an end to a woman’s career?

Women being questioned on working after marriage! Is marriage an end to a woman’s career?

Even today women are expected to stop working after they are married and have kids! It is like a full stop to her career, her dreams, her ideas, her ambitions. That is why nowadays women either wish to get married at a later age or not get married at all! We find happiness in our own work, our own salary to spend and that is our own money which can be planned to spend in a very productive way!

Just like a son can earn and raise his parents as his parents rose him, why can’t a daughter do that? Isn’t she equally well-brought up?
There are some great benefits of a working woman who should be kept in mind before someone expects you to leave your job after you get married.


Though Indian married women love shopping on their husband’s income, buying something from their salary truly gives them chills. They love saving up their money and spending them on things they desire [which is mostly for the family]. This independence is truly a treat they rejoice and they don’t have to rely on anybody to pay their expenses. Indian women like the label ‘No questions asked’ on their earnings, work doesn’t make them economically independent but also helps them take decisions independently. Indian married women enjoy the freedom that jobs give her.


Yes! The husband’s take up the responsibilities of paying all the bills and buying all the gifts, but it doesn’t harm to support them [which the Indian women would do happily]. The husbands normally don’t expect or accept any financial support from their wives, but her savings sometimes do become the savior on a hard day. Splitting the expenses[which is not common in India] gives a great sense of responsibility and equality to the Indian working women.


Having experiences to share shows how much one has lived their life and working after marriage adds up to all the homely experiences. The women’s are out in a different world with people who aren’t their family but friends, colleagues or superior. Their experiences teach them a lesson and become a part of their memory lane which then becomes stories to remember.


The fixed hours of work make the Indian working women punctual and help them manage time properly and effectively. She follows a routine that equally concentrates on the work and family, balancing the two priorities properly under the ticking clock. She knows the value of time and also makes sure that everybody at home is punctual too.

PRODUCTIVE The work that Indian women do helps them develop themselves and their society. They spend their time productively and efficiently. They become workaholic and keep themselves busy most of the time.

CONFIDENCE Work makes Indian women self-confident and increases their ability to make decisions. Work becomes an everyday platform to showcase their talents and the appreciation on the same boosts up their confidence. They build up the potential to face the obstacles and stand up for themselves. The organized and formal code of conduct at work makes her more elegant and courteous. A confident woman is the most attractive woman.

  • Shraddha Adwani
    Posted at 08:30h, 02 June Reply

    Beyond words!!
    Every situation is discribe soo nicely with clear understanding..
    Loved it!!❤️

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 05:54h, 02 July Reply

      Thank you so much Shraddha Shraddha for such a nice comment.

  • Harjot
    Posted at 07:44h, 03 June Reply


    • eeleanor
      Posted at 05:53h, 02 July Reply

      Thank you. Hope to have the same support from your side.

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