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Don’t Pay us for our dress

Don’t Pay us for our dress

“Feminity marathon” is trending nowadays in Russia as one of the Russian company is paying female employees 100 Rubles on the top of their normal wages for wearing a dress or skirt no longer than five centimeters from the knee.

The idea comes from CEO Sergei Rachkov.

The company claims that 70% of employees are men and this will brighten up everyone’s day. They added that such a feminity campaign will increase the bonding among employees.

Are you guys serious?

Being given the freedom in what to wear sounds good but being paid for this????

Somehow, I don’t feel strongly for this because women feel confident when they wear what they want to but using them for increasing male employee’s efficiency is not correct.
Our clothes have nothing to do with our intellect.
This Russian company’s policy has been criticized all over social media.
I personally don’t support the dress policy to increase team bonding.

  • harjot
    Posted at 07:43h, 03 June Reply


    • eeleanor
      Posted at 05:52h, 02 July Reply

      Hey Harjot. Thank you for dropping a comment.

  • Richa Srivastava
    Posted at 09:26h, 04 June Reply

    This is so disgusting.

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 05:52h, 02 July Reply

      Hey Richa…Thank you for ready my article. Yes, paying high for short dresses seems to be disgusting.

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