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Club Drugs-Awareness for Females

You’ll be astonished to know that rape in India has increased by 145% since 2015. Many of them are not registered and many don’t get justice and sometimes girls don’t come forward to save themselves from societal humiliation.
But there are some rapes which a girl doesn’t even know that it has happened to them. This is because of club drugs. Let’s read to know about this more.

What are club drugs?

Club drugs are drugs which are used in the drinks and alcohols of the targets to rape or sexually assault them and girls even don’t know that something is bad with their drinks.
Club drugs are also referred to as “Date Rape Drugs”. These drugs don’t have colour and odor. These are often used in night clubs, pubs and night parties. Girls drinks are mixed with these and monsters take advantage of these as they make them physically weak that can’t defend. Nearly, ten thousand women are assaulted like this every year. But the person who commits the crime might not be in a relationship, or on a date, with the victim.

Name of the drugs

Sleeping pills
Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB),
Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL),

Many drugs are called by their different nicknames globally.

If you see the movie “Fashion”, Pee Cee goes in a night club and has drinks there in which drugs are added of which she isn’t aware. She feels dizzy and sleepy. A black man tries to take her in his bed which he does. She wakes up in the morning and comes to know that she was raped.

This not only happens in the film world but also near you.
According to the survey, we have come to know that it happens to girls of age between 16-30 because of teens and adult parties. Being raped by someone unknown many times increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, which may really ruin your life.


Blurred vision
Loss of muscle control
Loss of consciousness

We all love to party but it’s our responsibility to take care of us.

Some preventive measures you can take.

Don’t accept the drink from the unknown.
Open your bottle yourself.
Don’t drink more than your capacity.
Check the bottle seal because many times the clubs staff does spike the bottles.

In case you think you have been sexually exploited you can give a call in Indian Panic helpline number 112.
There is no enjoyment in ruining someone’s life.
This can happen to your family members. Better to be alert than crying over spilt milk.
This article has the aim to spread awareness about the least known thing.

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