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Rape These women-In the picture again

‘Rape women like them’ yes this lady in the video said this to 7 men present in a restaurant. The reason for such a disgusting comment was that a girl, who is not her daughter or any relative, was wearing a short dress. That’s it.

After this comment, the girl, on whom the comment was made, followed the lady with her friends and questioned her. In the video, girls ask the lady to apologize but she is not at all sorry about her comment which means she believes what she said was absolutely right. Chalo tomorrow this lady will apologize not by her will but because of the pressure that was built by social media and there is a huge difference in both the things. The case will settle down and we all will be happy and after a while, we will forget this incident but do we bring a change in her mentality? Will she change her approach towards rape? I don’t think so. Ladies like her motivate rapists or even might defend them. And this lady is not the only one who thinks women should be raped because of their attire.

In Haryana, there is rape culture. Quint made a documentary on it. In the documentary people of different sex, age was asked what they feel about rape and most of them including women were of the opinion that women will be raped if they wear short clothes.

Most of us think that this sick mentality is due to lack of education but this lady in this video is quite educated and is speaking fluent English.

So the bottom line is that rape has nothing to do with education. It is only about what you feel about it. Not every illiterate man rapes a girl and not every rapist is illiterate. Now the attire. This lady is saying that the girl should be raped because she is wearing a small dress and many(like her) support this argument.

Well, most of the English board schools in India keep skirts as their uniform which is of course not that short but still doesn’t fit in the ideal list of these sick minded people they make for a girl. So daughters of these sick people who go to any such English board school deserved to be raped?

Don’t we know that newborns and ladies who never wear revealing clothes are also victims of rape? Nirbhaya case that shook the entire nation and made each one of us sentimental has not been served justice. Almost every political party condemned the incident but still after 7 years Nirbhaya’s parents say that they don’t feel like voting because justice is just political gimmick.

We are outraging so much on social media because this video came out otherwise we wouldn’t have addressed this issue. We see a news report on rape, we change the channel. Why? Because it is disturbing or we are not in a mood to consume such dark content and prefer seeing something light-hearted. Media shows it as a news piece and mostly it just becomes part of a news bulletin and gets 20 seconds of screen time. Media doesn’t even follow up the story and we never come to know that whether the main culprit was arrested or even the case was registered?

I am a lady. Tomorrow I will be a mother. If I am blessed with a daughter I don’t want any lady to tell any man to rape my daughter no matter what she wears or how she lives and if I am blessed with a boy, I don’t want him to scratch the character or soul of any girl. I think one should not talk rape this way if he/she is not ready to get rapped.

Sharing this again because “I can’t stand this.”
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