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On this father’s day, I, Aditi and my younger sister Devangana want to say something to you. Although there is no fixed day to say anything about your Dad, some days are special, and we want to make this Father’s Day more special.

We are proud of you Dad as you are in one of the world’s toughest Indian Army. You work day and night continuously for us. We Indian’s sleep comfortably just because of brave soldiers like you dad. You taught us how to be selfless and fearless when it comes to serving our Nation and other needful people.

Sharing is caring, We come to know about this, though you only you. You taught us that life has no meaning without sharing. We can make this world a better place by sharing whatever we can. It will not leave us empty, but definitely, it will give us Love and Blessings from whom we Share and Care.

You always try to make Devangana and me tough and fearless as you are. You have been to places like Siachen Glacier and harsh Valleys of Jammu and Kashmir. You share your values and life-saving experiences of those places with us. It leaves us awestruck as We hear things from you about the difficulties you face during your different postings. We promise to you dad that We will try our best to imbibe these qualities from you.

Apart from your fatherly love, Dad, you have given us Love of mother whenever needed. You are a wonderful Chef and always cooked delicious food for us. It gives us immense happiness, in helping you, whenever you take over the charge of Chef. And how can we forget that whenever I or My sister fall ill, you are always there at our side, comforting us, with the warmth of your Love.

You always told us the difference between good and bad and always encourage us to be on the right path. You always encourage us to be independent. Yes, you do get angry at us at times, but we know that whatever you do, it’s for our good only Dad.

Thank you, God, for giving us a Dad like him. In our father, We see a loving, fearless, tough and fun loving person. Thank you, Dad, for teaching us good things, and we promise to you that I and My sister, will always try to, follow the path shown by you.

Love you, Dad,

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