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The Skin Shade

“Like every other girl she too had a dream….a dream of a beautiful life, a beloved person who could heal all her pain.”

Pragati was a young girl full of life and eyes full of dreams. She was short-statured, bit bulky and dark complexioned but she had a golden heart that cried in everyone’s pain and smiled at every little happiness. She belonged from a well to do family and was the only child of her parents.

However, since her childhood, she grew up hearing all types if taunts and comments about her skin color and figure. People used to say “Look, who’s going to marry a terrible looking shit like her, her parents would have to nurture her for life long.”

Imagine the mental state of a girl who was forced by the society to think of herself as an ugly creature, who was forced to believe that she was not a kind who could be loved or the kind of person who deserves to be someone’s dream. Her parents too began to think of her as a burden as all marriage proposals were rejected.

And then one day, a marriage proposal came from a very good, financially established family, and to their utter surprise, this family had no issues with skin colour or looks. Happiness bloomed in Pragati’s family that finally she was getting married. After a few days, she was happily married off in a lavish wedding ceremony. But, destiny had some other plans for her. After a few months of her marriage, she was thrashed by her in-laws for dowry, they treated her as their maid and made her do all household chores, her husband did not even talk to her. According to her in-laws, she was just a source of free service and income for the family.

Then finally one day, when she refused to bring money from her father’s house, she was thrashed and burnt to death…her tears dried up in the flames of fire, her screams remained unheard within the four walls….she was punished for the sin of being dark coloured.

Well, that is the story of thousands of dark coloured girls in our society, every month hundreds of Pragati dies and their screams remain unheard, unnoticed….. Ask any man about her dream women and 90%of them would describe a perfectly figured, tall, wheatish complexioned girl as his dream woman. Dark coloured women are often treated as undesirable, unattractive ugly creatures.

Dear society, different temperature variations, genetic factors, and other reasons result in various skin colors. Nobody is responsible for what colour they get whatever dimensions they have, let these not be the defining features of our destiny, let these not be the hindrances in our dream of a beautiful life.

Dear men, maybe that dark coloured girl has a golden heart to shower your life with love and fill your family with happiness.

Let’s stop judging a book by its cover, and instead let’s look forward to a golden heart. Let beauty be defined not just by mere skin colour and dimension but by one perception towards the world.

Dear poet, this time let the story be of a not so pretty girl. Dear writer, this time let your hero fall in love, not with a pretty girl but a girl with a golden heart. Let’s begin a search for eternal beauty which is not ravaged by the waves of time.

  • Swagata roy
    Posted at 06:23h, 22 June Reply


    • eeleanor
      Posted at 05:47h, 02 July Reply

      Your comment really motivates us and for this, we try to spread the thoughts as much as we can.

  • Amit Roy
    Posted at 14:52h, 22 June Reply


    • eeleanor
      Posted at 05:46h, 02 July Reply

      Hi Amit. Thank you for dropping comment.

  • eeleanor
    Posted at 14:37h, 23 June Reply

    Remove colorism slavery

  • Sonam singh
    Posted at 18:33h, 24 June Reply

    Beauty is not only having a fair skin
    It’s in the love a heart pour

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 05:46h, 02 July Reply

      Truly said Sonam. e’eleanor tries its best to share the articles like this.

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