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Anemia Awareness Campaign

AMBALA: Team of e’eleanor has conducted a public awareness campaign on Anemia on 13th June 2019. The lecture has been given to the females on the same and emphasized on various issues to overcome this disease.

Anemia campaign empowers all of us across the world to show support, raise our collective concern, take personal action and unite under one banner of health in a positive and inspiring way.

The slogan for this campaign is “Celebrate Health”. It is an empowering call urging for personal commitment and individual action taken now to impact the future.

The awareness has been spread online through the article published attached with the link below:-

Anemia – The alarming state

Small booklets have been provided to the women present there. It includes all the remedies and preventive measures of the disease. We understand and we contribute.

Article Link:

Article Link:


The study demonstrated that the communication campaign before implementation of e’eleanor health program was effectively carried out, giving a biological impact on hematological indices.

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