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Say Hello to H20!

It’s always important to stay hydrated so that you can stay energized and have your best workout. Water is the best option if you are working out for one hour.

But we still tend to take the importance of drinking at least eight glasses of water a day for granted.

Water does not provide any caffeine that tea or coffee contains, rather it provides us with many other nutrients and health benefits we truly need.



1. For Digestion- Our body contains 60 percent of water. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water maintain the balance of enzymes that are crucial for digestion.

2. Calorie Control- Water plays an important role in maintaining weight. Drinking water keeps you full and helps in consuming fewer calories. Try to have vegetables with high water content. The higher amount of water in food leads to less calorie consumption.

3. For Flawless skin- Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day helps you and your skin to stay hydrated which makes your skin look good.

When your skin is dehydrated, wrinkles and lines are more noticeable.

Drinking water will help you to maintain it’s perfection.

4. Kidney Function- Our kidneys are responsible for processing 200 quarts of blood per day.

In order to do that efficiently, the kidneys need to be supplied with lots of fluids.

5. For Muscles Too- If you are focusing on your muscles water is mandatory.

Your muscle cells need to be filled with fluids. You can take energy drink with fewer calories. Sometimes it’s okay to add some flavor in your exercise.


Water helps in maintaining all the important functions of the body throughout the day. It maintains hydration, digestion, heart and lung function, joint lubrication, protection of our tissues, regulating body temperature, and much more.

Water can be considered our lifeline with endless health benefits. It keeps us feeling and functioning at our best and chronic studies continue to report more positive feedback on why drinking plenty of water is essential to our health.






  • Haseeb Ahmed
    Posted at 10:18h, 03 July Reply

    Good Article

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 15:59h, 12 July Reply

      Thank you Haseeb for liking my article. Request you to please keep supporting us like this.

  • Sehnaz Khushrow Irani
    Posted at 16:31h, 13 July Reply

    Informative article.

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