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Society’s Business Is To Talk

Why we always have to bend in front of society? Why our happiness depends upon society? Why it is always mandatory to move according to society?



I am just tired of hearing “What will society say?”
I want to get married- So early “What will society say?”
I don’t want to get married – What? What will society say?

C’mon when will we grow up?

If everything has to be planned by society then why don’t you go and fuck society? Why always a single man especially females have to be the victims of this stigma?
I am a young, beautiful passionate and unmarried woman, who wants to explore the world and has her own dreams, which society is ready to blow up.

Since our childhood, we girls are pressurized to do everything according to society. We, little girls, are pressurized to be perfect but this pressure is not faced by male members of our society.
The girl who has different thinking, different tastes, different beliefs, is forced to do things according to others’ choices. Can someone tell me why? Where the hell Human Rights have gone?

For the sake of society

I come from a middle-class family, where having boyfriends is a BIG NO!

I have seen unhealthy relationships in my family because of this I also crave for love. Simple. I saw that love in others so used to fantasize about a loving relationship. In some countries having boyfriends is not a bid deal and parents also respect that relationship, but when it comes to India having a boyfriend is a blunder in some societies. Though my parents seem to be friendly and open-minded but believe me they are not. Telling about your partner to your parents is a 440-watt shock for them. Yes, I had so many crushes in college but never been into a relationship with any because every time I thought about my parents.

Once a guy came into my life. I introduced him to my parents. Initially, they liked him but I don’t know what happened to them they directly said no for our marriage. You won’t believe the reason…It was because he has a dark complexion. And their response was “What will society say that your son in law is dark as compared to your daughter”…I mean Really???
The 21st Century in which we are living in and telling everyone that we don’t believe in skin shades are actually practicing it. But love has its own demands and makes its own way. We started to convince my parents but it was extremely hard for both of us to convince them. They were rigid.

Out of frustration, they started calling me a slut and other bad words that tore me apart. I went through this humiliation for six months. Once my parents slapped me for being so rigid.

I was emotionally detached. Yes, it’s true that parents think good for us but rejecting one’s love just because of his skin shade and pressure from the society they were ready to sacrifice their daughter’s choice.

I don’t have any doubt about parents’ choice but calling their own daughter a slut, a prostitute and calling her by other bad names just for choosing her life partner which I feel is not right. Though we are their kids everyone is human, everyone has the right to choose their life partner, ultimately it’s us who has to spend life with that person, not the parents. It’s not the society who will be with us in good or bad times. Only our parents and spouse can do that.

We always teach our daughters to take a stand against your in-laws or spouse if they hurt you if they harass you if they disrespect you, but we never teach our daughters to take a stand in their own home.

I am asking you


Help to eradicate this societal pressure from the girls’ shoulders.

Waiting for your comments

  • Preksha Thapa
    Posted at 17:47h, 12 July Reply

    Omg, it made me remember of my days.. those years were so painful, I do went through these things.. we are from same community but still we parents from both side had issues, dont know why? At the end our love have won and was so excited for our big day , that’s our marriage. We are happily living together with a sweet daughter..

    • eeleanor
      Posted at 06:54h, 19 July Reply

      Yes, love makes its way.

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