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All you need to know about Anshula Kant

Pleasing moments for all Indians.

The one to travel the path from being an Indian banker to the managing director of the World Bank. Last Friday brought a proud moment for all the Indians when the World Bank declared Anshula Kant the former managing director of the State Bank of India as the managing director and the Chief Financial Officer of the World Bank. It was one of those pleasing moments for Indians when someone from India that too a woman has amassed such a prestigious post in one of the world’s most influential organizations.

Talking about her educational qualifications she did her graduation in the field of economics from the Lady Shree ram college for women in Delhi and post-graduation from Delhi school of economics.

She has been assigned the responsibility of financial and risk management of the world Bank Group and will be accountable to the president of the World Bank for her actions. The decision to allow her this position was made on considering her impeccable success records which she rendered while serving as the managing director of the State Bank of India. She helped the revenue of the Bank to grow up to a staggering USD 38 billion and the total assets were of around 500 billion USD. She was able to bring some revolutionary changes in the operations of the State Bank of India in the little tenure she served as the managing director.

Serving the State Bank of India she led to the formation of many investment opportunities and sided in the empowerment of the risk management facilities throughout the institution.

On asking David Malpas the president of the World Bank about the appointment of Anshula Kant, he said that she will bring the staggering experience of 35 years with her in the fields of banking, finance and the efficient use of technology. Other prolific duties which she is expected to perform are to work in coordination with the World Bank CEO on the mobilization of IDA and other financial resources.

The world Bank said that they are fortunate enough to receive the services of Anshula Kant, and are looking forward to taking advantage of her experience to the best. While from an Indian perspective she is the First Lady to bag such an auspicious position in the World Bank.

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