The High Tide-Women Finding Their Wings - eeleanor
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The High Tide-Women Finding Their Wings

I see her again today. A thousand victims. Sitting in one chair. She stays silent because all she wants is to be safe and to be safe is to be accepted & to be accepted is to keep taking it all in one bullet at a time, walking towards her snare, being swept under the rug with patriarchy ingrained in her society. She doesn’t want to be seen as ‘man-hating’ because she fears the loss of acceptability.

She thinks if she keeps following the rules, steps into line, pleases her oppressors, they’d accept her, hear her out, let her safely work for her people’s rights. So she doesn’t call out men on their micro-aggressions towards her. His constant sighing disapproval of her.

She hides quietly under the layers of historic & systematic oppression as she’s labeled a troublemaker when she voices her pain. So she let him make that joke at her expense and even managed a faint attempt at a laugh and it killed her to know that she’ll never be able to forget about this.

She doesn’t realize it but this only hands her oppressors more power over her, fuels the norm she wants to break – submitting to men. She thinks men will agree to share power if she cooperates but power is never transferred nicely & if they were ever capable of such goodness they wouldn’t be exploiting her in the first place. If we continue seeking acceptance from our oppressors, our movement will only keep the oppressive systems in place.

There‘s also been a fervent effort to demonize the word Feminist to keep people away from the idea of changing the system. It’s why a lot of people from marginalized communities are afraid of being labeled a feminist so they hold back when freedom calls, reluctant to work for real change.

Their work might be modified to be accepted by men to not threaten their status & hence their oppressors gain more power to halt their work & control their lives.

If you’re going to shift a mountain, don’t expect to not wake the dragons up. Power is never transferred quietly. Your rage is valid and much needed. Scream if you have to. Be the sea with thundering rage. Hurl against the rocks.

Support your movement that works against power and control by the ones with privilege who you also outnumber by a great margin. You are not alone, there’s something larger going on, this is happening to all of us.

We’re all eager to make a change so come and come together. This is a wild wasteland but you can’t let another man take control of you. Stand up and pick a fight because, honey, it’s about time!


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