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Achieving Gender- Neutral Management Practices

There prevails a conception in almost every workplace that a woman shouldn’t be at the top of the organization. This society is prejudiced toward gender equality, from times immortal men are considered to be superior to the counterpart gender. But now need of the hour is to establish gender-neutral management norms at every possible workspace. Women should be allowed to present their candidature for the post of their choice, they should not be denied of a particular job post based on their gender.

As a measure to estimate the gender ratio at the workplaces a study was conducted which aimed at measuring the gender equality index for some of the topmost organizations of the country and the results were shocking, the results portrayed that it was heavily biased towards the masculine gender. While gender balance can be viewed as A social justice issue and considered the right thing to do ethically, Moreover it is the need of the hour.

Some countries are sensitive over this issue like the United Kingdom was working on it since the past decade and as a result, they have managed to bring about a change of 23% from the figures of women to men ratio in the organizations.

For those countries who haven’t done anything yet in this direction here’s guide –

  1. First of all, changes need to be brought about in the organization culture, agreed it’s a technical and time taking process but once initiated won’t take long.
  2. Adapting particular human resource Processes and policies to ensure a level Playing field for both women and men.
  3. Following more unbiased and transparent policies at the time of recruiting and assigning tasks and responsibilities.
  4. The operation of the “Glass ceiling” which indicates the no inclusion of the female gender at the topmost positions of the organizations. Though it has seen a tremendous shift over the past decade, there is at least one female representative in the core group of the top 100 companies in the world.
  5. The concept of tokenism should be checked which means a perfunctory gesture towards the inclusion of members of underrepresented groups, is still a feature of organizational life.

Notwithstanding that biases are difficult to eradicate and acknowledging that practice can vary from the stated and intended policies of management, there are steps that organizations can take to ensure that there should be no discrimination based on gender while the job allotment process, skills should be the criteria of selection.

Hereby, e’eleanor conducted one survey, Please have a look.

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