The terrifying danger of wearing makeup in North Korea - eeleanor
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The terrifying danger of wearing makeup in North Korea

The longest-running communist dynasty which still finds its root deep and showing no signs of evaporating any soon is North Korea. The ruler of North Korea is known for his oppressive policies that have brought about a substantial downfall in the living standards of its people. Every possible freedom that an ordinary person enjoys in any other country is banned in North Korea. Ranging from a ban on the internet to ban on television and radio.

One such vague restriction is on the beauty products and appearances of women, they are allowed to choose from any of the predetermined looks and not beyond that.

In North Korea, There is a huge demand for South Korean beauty products especially K beauty, iconic brand Dr. Jart is a premium producer of such products. The South Korean government has funded them to increase their presence on the globe. This is called Soft Power which is the establishment of Korean culture across the globe. This vibe has reached the entire world, affecting North Korea the most. This has led to a rising known as the “Liberty for North Korea “.

One of the reasons behind the strict regulations on the makeup of the women is the oppressive ruler of the country, their ruler wants to rule with an Iron Fist wants everyone to stay under his feet.

According to him, he wanted to maintain similarities among all the women of the country that is why he applied restrictions on most of the beauty products and rendered only selected ones. Though it is against human rights of the women of North Korea, those talking about human rights there are sent to captivity.

As an act of disobedience, some women of North Korea has started to smuggle these make-up items into the country which are illegal. They say whenever the government banned anything they did it more. They want the government to consider their disobedience.

But the government has come up even more strictly. One of the prime people behind this movement, Jessy Kim told that her family was arrested and accused of being a spy. She was only 17 when all this happened.

The state has a secret detention center that it denies of but detailed satellite images have confirmed its existence. Jessy along with her family was kept there and had to face severe torture for going against the state. Anyone who does any act that the government thinks is against their laws or rebellious is taken to such detention camps.

The torture they have to face inside those camps is so horrifying that one cannot stand it. Jessy Kim who is the founder of this rebellious movement told that they were almost beaten to death, ultimately her brother has to take all the responsibility of the illegal trafficking activities that she was doing. She was left from the captivity as soon as her brother took the allegations on himself.

Jessy Kim left North Korea and went to South Korea, though the going was not easy as the government has given shot at sight orders for anyone who tries to escape the borders of the country.

Coming back to K-beauty they say that they want to do something for those who have faced the hell-like situations back in North Korea and add some happiness in their lives if they can.

For the two countries, beauty products have become the weapon of gaining power, and for the people, it’s a driver of change that will possibly bring prosperity to their lives.

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