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No Justice In Unnao Rape Case

Unnao Rape Case goes without any Judge.

Kuldeep Singh Sengar has been in limelight since long for raping two minor girls. One was Asifa, Kathua case and now, This Unnao case.

Let’s talk fresh, Unnao case, the minor girl went to Kuldeep’s office last to ask for employment but she was brutally raped by the animal. She filed FIR against Kuldeep. Based on the first FIR, Kuldeep was interrogated by the police but no such update was given to the media.

In 2018, BJP state president Mahendra Nath Pandey claimed said that “action would only be taken against Sengar if he was found guilty.”

When the girl and her family filed a complaint, the police did not mention Sengar as an accused. Back then, the family had alleged that the police had not paid heed to their request of naming the BJP MLA in the FIR. Well aware that the police would not act against Sengar, the victim wrote to Adityanath and senior police officials on several occasions but received no response.

With no one responding to her letters, the victim approached the chief judicial magistrate to name Sengar in the FIR in February 2018. Two months later, when the family visited Unnao for a hearing, Sengar’s brother Atul Sengar assaulted the victim’s father on 3 April 2018.

Sengar called the victim’s family ‘people of lower caste’ and called the allegations as a conspiracy against him.

Kuldeep Ji what if we ask you about “Kathua rape case?”
Why do you think that everyone plans conspiracy against you only?

According to the memorandum, “The Uttar Pradesh government should take full responsibility for the treatment and security of the victim-survivor and her lawyer, both of whom are currently fighting for their lives,”
But they were unable to keep their words.

The 19-year-old rape survivor, who was traveling with her family, was critically injured on 28th July 2019 when a speeding truck hit her car in Rae Bareli district.

Two family members of the victim were killed in Sunday’s accident and her lawyer was seriously injured. The victim is in critical condition.

Swati Maliwal, the chief of Delhi Commission for Women says “Until Kuldeep Sanger is the MLA, the victim shall continue to be in danger. As an MLA the whole administration reports to him!”

The protection of these leaders gives is a result of such incidents. They think they have power and can do anything they want.

Only one punishment for rapists “Hang Till Death”
Why do we give people like Kuldeep Singh Sengar strength and protection?


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