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Cheers To Women Adding Moonlight To India

Women Equality Day is celebrated worldwide on 26th of August every year and even though it started as a movement in the US in 1920, there is perhaps no place better than India where we truly understand the importance of this phrase. Equality to women in India is still an emerging dream and most of us believe it’s never going to occur at all. But thanks to some strong women who have hope, and who always keep trying, keep fighting and give others hope through their achievements.

I am going to cite a few of these women whose resilience and dedication has turned them into a living example to follow.


 Anisha Singh

MyDala is among the largest online coupon and discount platforms in India that provide suggestions on eateries, grocery, travel, body-art, and other categories.

Founded by Anisha Singh in 2009, the online company now handles 2, 00,000 transactions daily.

Before MyDala, Anisha worked for the Clinton Administration raising funds for women entrepreneurs.

P V Sindhu

P.V. Sindhu is the first Indian to win a gold medal in the World Badminton championship. She has become the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal in badminton in the 2016 Rio Olympics. This young girl of 21 years has fought all odds to reach where she is today. She was called the ‘black horse’ when she left for the games and returned as the ‘beti of the nation’.

Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik scripted history by becoming the first Indian woman to clinch a medal in wrestling at the 2016 Rio Olympics. All her life, she was pushed back on the pretext, ‘wrestling is not for girls’. But where are the boys now?

 Deepika Padukone

An actress who has not only made it big in India and has gone to become one of the highest-paid actresses in the whole world, as per the recent Forbes report. People love her, but then there were also a set of people who simply turned their back on her when she was struggling.

Sairee Chahal

 Sairee Chahal, a business alumna from IMT Ghaziabad, has taken upon herself the task of bringing career opportunities to women with

Sheroes has launched in 2013 a platform that provides a career eco-system for women. It broke even in its first year and now has over 7,000 companies listed on their platform.

Arunima Singh

She became the first female Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest even after she lost one leg. She suffered from serious leg and pelvic injuries and to save her life, doctors amputated her left leg. Did it break her, no, she turned out to be stronger than ever?

Rupa Devi

She comes from a small village in Tamil Nadu and fought poverty at every step of the way. But today, she is India’s first international referee for FIFA. Her journey started when there were no matches for women’s football. She left playing matches and moved on the path to becoming a referee. She is again an example, where women in sports are not taken seriously, and they have to fight tooth and nail to get somewhere.

 Richa Kar

Richa Kar co-founded Zivame in 2011 after discovering that lingerie is an under-served category in the country. Working with a brand that owns Victoria’s Secret, Richa even found out that a large portion of sales is earned through the eCommerce channel.

Tessy Thomas

She’s known as the ‘Missile Woman of India’ and became the first woman scientist to head a missile project. She is the Mission Leader for Agni-IV missile in DRDO. ​

Chhavi Rajawat


She has become the first woman sarpanch in India with an MBA degree. She left her high paying corporate job with one of the leading telecom firms of India and became the sarpanch of Soda, a village 60kms from Jaipur.

Even though this is not an exhaustive list of all that women have achieved, yet it gives us the courage to fight the odds, pushes those sarcastic comments to a side and strives to achieve things that we so believe in.



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