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Segregation: Costing Confidence Among Girls

Gender is like a social structure that is made by those who are clued-up to act in sure ways based on their genitalia. As gender is a structure rather than a biological realism there is a very minute reason to segregate schools grounded on it. As a substitute, we should ask all scholars to work to be their best academic and social characters in an atmosphere that encourages public and academic growth and progress irrespective of gender.

Co-educational public schools must ensure that male and female students are fully integrated into educational activities.

educating boys and girls entirely unconnectedly or making them stride down separate corridors, and keeping them apart always,” it was negatively infringing on the students’ rights.

By allowing male and female students to attend their school but then segregating them, is an inefficient means of education. Consider the complexity in ensuring that students use separate sex-specific corridors!

Earlier letting boys and girls sit together was always looked as a punishment. But with the modernization the need of the hour is to stop this segregation based on gender and encourage friendship

People are still living in Era of Adam & Eve

You must be amazed to see that even in the present digital age, gender segregation takes place. There are co-ed institutions where boys and girls, either willingly or compulsorily, sit separately in the classrooms.

As punishment for breaking the rules, girls are even made to sit with boys and vice versa! The most apparent form of gender segregation is the prevalence of separate girls’ and boys’ schools and there are also separate colleges for women and men.

Parents take breath of peace and allowed their daughters’  leisurely to study in an all-girls’ school or college. Reason being, they feel their child is safe from sexual harassment.

Sometime back in 2015, the then Education Minister of Kerala had explicitly disapproved of girls and boys sitting together in the class! also, Aligarh Muslim University where students from women’s college were forbidden to visit the main library because the VC felt the boys would be distracted. However, Smriti Irani had retaliated and declared this was “insulting our daughters.”

Why all need to be friends

Friendships are the most beautiful of relationships! When boys and girls are acquaintances, they look at each other as friends and as equals. No inequality based on gender. Both converse with sheer joy and equality.

A boy does not consider a girl lesser than him because of her gender. Neither does he think of her as meek and fit only for domestic chores or merely as sex objects! Similarly, the girl too looks upon the boy as a good friend and not as someone superior to her. Here they view each other as equals.

They are human beings both sharing and appreciating their opinions and feelings. Frequent communication makes them comfortable and compatible   with each other which is  natural.

Even in co-educational schools and colleges, we still see boys interacting with boys and girls interacting with girls. Intermingling is still not familiar. We need to change our attitudes with time. After all, what is the fundamental aim of education? It is to instil responsibility in the younger generation and prepare them for their nation and the world at large.

The world is consisting of males, females and in fact, people of other genders too. Single-sex interaction and education will not solve the problem. Healthy friendships between boys and girls will fortify their self-esteem and social skills.

Educational institutions are the ‘uniting structure in society’. They must encourage intermingling of boys and girls. Psychologists feel it is not only wrong but dangerous to instil in the young minds of children that “mingling of genders is shameful”.

Children are born without any bias or uneasiness around the opposite sex. It is adults who infuse all wrong notions in them. With a change in society and the demands of a democratic society, we also need to change our thinking.



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