Mothers: The Magnificent Teachers - eeleanor
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Mothers: The Magnificent Teachers

Teachers are those magnificent angels who mould our lives beautifully and effectively. It’s their teachings, etiquette, techniques which act as weapons to crack milestones in our lives.
Often, we all are questioned about our best teachers and almost all of us would say, either that mam or that sir of any of our classes.

Generally, we forget to acknowledge the first and best teachers of our lives: our mothers.

Yah, according to me, mothers are the best teachers. Remember that first time you tried to stand on your own, it was her hands that never did let you fall, it was hundreds of times you failed, but she never got irritated and continued the task of making you stand on your feet. That first time you tried to crawl on the floor and stumbled on something, she came running to teach you the right technique.

Every time you fell, she cried a lot as if it was a mistake of her techniques. The first time you ever spoke out with your stammering voice, the smile on her face radiated happiness and success.

Then began your journey of life, from walking to standing to brushing your teeth by yourself to going to school, she taught you everything without even a pinch of irritation.

She did not let go of your studies too, every evening she used to leave all her work and teach you to write ‘A’ in the most perfect manner.

With growing age, problems started coming in, every time you came home crying, she would wrap you in her arms and teach you the best way to deal with it. Every time you felt unconfident, she became your strength, every time you broke down, she made you come out of it stronger.

Till today, ask her anything about everything and she would give you the best answer, tell you the best way to make your life the most beautiful one.

So, this teacher’s day lets raise a tribute to those forever teachers of our lives and pay our gratitude to them for making us whatever we are today, for being a constant source of courage and motivation in our lives.

A Very happy teachers’ day to every mother.

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    Very true
    Great respect & regards

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