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Personal Hygiene Seminar

We believe that there is nothing important than sharing knowledge with others and spreading awareness among people.

This time e’eleanor has come up with a health awareness campaign in various schools to target all the school girls for their betterment in association with and Fit India Movement.

Seminars had been conducted by Ms. Yasmeen Sehgal in various schools from 13th of August 2019 to 17th September 2019 of August 2019 on the topic “Health, Diet & Hygiene during Mensuration” and “Importance of personal Hygiene”

The only way to provide alleviating care to a huge number of people in need in India is through community participation, which can be achieved by improving the awareness of the people about assuring care.


Time of Seminar

Dedicated one hour in each school.


Schoolgirls of age 10-17 years.

2000 girls participated in the seminar.

We believe that it is very crucial to aware people especially girls in the blood age about their health.

Topics Covered

  1. How to choose your diet?
  2. Statistics of Anemia and Remedies
  3. Premenstrual Syndrome and Care
  4. About Raw Food and its benefits
  5. How to maintain Vaginal Hygiene?

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