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ABOUT e’eleanor

The world is changed by those who speak for those who can’t. We at e’eleanor are focused on amplifying the stories of women for the women by the women. With our conviction paired with creativity, we want to use art, media, and technology we want to create a safe community for women by telling stories about women. We want to impact the cultural and social spheres of our countries with our stories.


Under the leadership of our brilliant and perceptive CEO Yasmeen Sehgal, and with our talented writers from all across the country, we are dedicated to finding inspiring women and celebrate their success. At the same time, we aim to alert our audience about the wrongdoings in our society to create awareness.


We are focused on provoking an empathic approach amongst all while being an educative platform to understand all the aspects of being a woman and the culture of our society.


The story of our CEO is as interesting as her. After completing MBA HR & Marketing, she intended to shape the young minds of the country by teaching in a college. But her passion fueled by creativity helped her realize that she is, in fact, a wordsmith. Moreover being a voracious reader, she further realized she wanted to reach out to the people to empower women across the world. With her skills as a wordsmith, she decided to take a step that only the brave can take.


Thus, she now runs e’eleanor, an independent online woman oriented magazine. With her crisp and inspirational words, she is not only reaching out to the masses with crucial messages but also provoking them to initiate.


In her free time, if you don’t find her furiously jotting new ideas, you will definitely find her reading. If you are curious about her mantra that it is none other than following instincts and not restricting to a specific formula.  This philosophy has resulted in her skilled and efficient nature. But, most importantly it has helped her develop a perception.


With her wild spirit and raging soul, she is on a journey to write stories that will change the world.

About me
About me